6. Instructional Design in Moodle

Course Description: The Instructional Design in Moodle Training is designed for educators, course creators, LMS administrators, and those who are developing course content for their Learning Management System (LMS). This training underlines the process of designing effective and efficient instruction for an online course.

General Objectives: 
At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the basic components of Instructional Design
  • Distinguish the different instructional design frameworks.
  • Determine whether the Learners are Motivated.
  • Develop the Final Thoughts on the e-Learning Design.




  1. Distance education requirements

  2. Instructional Design

  3. Instructional design frameworks

    1. The ADDIE Model

    2. Merill’s Principle of Instructions

    3. Gagne’s Nine Events

  1. Identify the requirements of distance education

  2. Explain instructional design

  3. Distinguish the different instructional design frameworks

3 hours

  1. Focus of Affective and Skills Training

  2. Instructional Design Frameworks

    1. Blooms’ Taxonomy

    2. Dick and Carey Model

    3. Kemp Design Model

    4. Action Mapping by Cathy Moore

  1. Identify the focus of affective and skills training

  2. Discuss the different instructional design frameworks

3 hours

  1. Keeping Learners Motivated

  1. Understand ideas to keep students excited about learning.

  2. Explain 5 ways to motivate the unmotivated.

  3. Discuss 5 hallmarks of creative projects and suggested activities.

3 hours

  1. Aristotle's Rhetorical Triangle

  1. Understand the Ancient Wisdom for Teaching in Challenging Times

  2. Discuss the  5 Ways to Build Resilience in Students

  3. Identify How to Help Students to Believe in Themselves

  4. Develop the Final Thoughts on the e-Learning Design

3 hours

  1. ABC Learning

  1. Identify ABC LD (Learning Design) to help develop new programmes and review existing provisions.

  2. Identify opportunities for blended learning to review assessment and feedback and align the programme to wider institutional priorities

  3. Create a course using ABC LD development methodology.

3 hours