Moodle Training for Advanced Users

Course Description: This 30-hour full online training workshop is intended for educators, trainers, LMS Administrators, and Managers who have some experience teaching using Moodle LMS. The lessons covered in this course will provide learners with a high-level overview of the features of what concepts and what “more” they can do with Moodle LMS.

General Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to;

  1. Explore more of what Moodle can offer; Provide a high-level overview of the Moodle LMS features.
  2. Manage categories and courses in the LMS such as adding categories, and sub-categories, deleting course categories, organizing courses, creating courses, and managing courses in bulk.
  3. Develop a dynamic and effective course using the key resources and activities in Moodle.
  4. Enabling enrollment methods that suit the organization; self enrolment, guest access, manual enrolment, cohort enrollment.
  5. Manage grader reports and settings. 
  6. Setting up competency and learning plans to ensure that the users are active beyond their individual roles.
          Course Outline

          Topics Learning Outcomes  Duration 

          Module 1:  

          Moodle LMS Features

          1. Explore more of what you can do with Moodle LMS
          2. Discuss the Moodle LMS features in general, administrative, course development, and management features.
          3. Explore the Moodle navigation in different users and roles.
          4. Manage user profiles and Available functionalities (Preference settings, Blogs, Notes,

          5 hrs
          Module 2:

          Moodle activities, resources, and default settings

          1. Review what you currently know Enumerate and discuss the activities or resources in Moodle.
          2. Know what more you can make use of the different activities or resources and when to use them.
          3. Definition and adding of H5P Interactive content with the use of the Content Bank
          4. Understand the use of different and general settings of activities and resources

          5 hrs
          Module 3

          Manage categories and courses

          1. Understand the category and how it is organized in descriptive categories.
          2. Management of categories such as;  adding categories/subcategories, editing or moving, hiding, and sorting.
          3. Assign a category admin or a manager in a course category.
          4. Identify what can a category admin do.

          5 hrs
          Module 4

          Manage users with cohorts

          1. Understand the cohorts and how it is organized in the categories and user-context roles.
          2. Managing category cohorts, such as; add/upload, delete, move, and configure cohort themes.
          3. Assigning user-context roles to all cohort members.
          4. Add a custom profile field.

          5 hrs
          Module 5


          1. Define and learn the overview of the grade book.
          2.  Learn and understand the grade settings.
          3. Management of the grader report.

          5 hrs
          Week 6

          Competency and Learning Plans

          1. Define and explain the difference between competency and learning plans.
          2. Describe the level of understanding or proficiency of a learner.
          3. Create and set up competencies; Courses and activity levels
          4. Adding competencies to a learning plan template.
          5. Assigning learning plans to users or cohorts.

          5 hrs
          Total hours: 30 hrs


          Additional guidelines; This 30-hour full online training self-paced coursewith 1-hour live session per week and will run for a total of six (6) weeks. The participants are enrolled for 3 months which may allot 4 to 5 hours weekly to take the lesson, submit the assessed task and answer the assessment to acquire the certificate of completion. Each participant shall be provided a course sandbox that serves as their working space to design their own work. After completing this course, you will be able to download your certificate. 

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