Moodle Training course outline

Moodle Educator Certification

The MEC is a certification program for educators, or learning and development professionals, who have experience in teaching or training with Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace. The MEC emphasises the importance of developing pedagogic and professional competencies to enhance and innovate online education and training. Although it is not a training program, as participants progress through the certification process they will reflect on their practice and this will strengthen their understanding and confidence when teaching with Moodle. 

MEC is based on the widely used and accepted European Framework for the Digital Competence for Educators (DigCompEdu). It is a six-course certification program that allows experienced Moodle educators or learning and development professionals to demonstrate their expertise in teaching or creating learning development programs with Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace and obtain official certification directly from Moodle.

Course & Topics Learning Outcomes  Duration 

MEC Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching
  • Guidance
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Self-regulated learning

  1. To plan for, implement, experiment with, and develop use of Moodle to enhance your teaching
  2. To enhance interaction with learners, offering timely targeted guidance to learners, and exploring new ways to support them.
  3. To foster and enhance learner collaboration and knowledge creation

8 hrs
MEC Professional Engagement

  • Organizational Communication
  • Professional collaboration 
  • Reflective practice
  • Digital CPD

  1. To use a variety of communication methods to enhance communication within their organization.
  2. To collaborate and share resources
  3. To improve your practice through critical reflection and feedback
  4. To engage in continuous professional development using sites such as MoodleNet

8 hrs
MEC Digital resources

  • Selecting digital resources
  • Creating and modifying digital resources
  • Managing, protecting, and sharing digital resources.

  1. To locate, assess and select appropriate open content such as from MoodleNet
  2. To create and share appropriately licensed open content
  3. To respect and correctly attribute open content and apply privacy and copyright rules

8 hrs
MEC Assessments

  • Assessment strategies
  • Analyzing evidence
  • Feedback and Planning

  1. To use summative and formative approaches appropriate to your learners
  2. To track and support learner progress by informed use of activity and course reporting
  3. To provide timely, targeted support with a range of feedback options appropriate to your learners

8 hrs
MEC Empowering learners

  • Accessibility and inclusion
  •  Differentiation and personalization
  • Actively engaging learners

  1. To create accessible and mobile-friendly courses to ensure inclusion
  2. To create personalized and adaptive learning paths to meet learners’ diverse needs
  3. To foster learner independence and creativity by using a range of strategies to motivate and reward learner success

8 hrs
MEC Facilitating Learners' Digital Competence

  • Information and media literacy
  • Digital communication and collaboration
  • Digital content creation
  • Responsible use
  • Digital problem solving

  1. To guide learners to source and critically evaluate online materials
  2. To encourage learner communication, collaboration, and civic participation
  3. To provide opportunities for learners to co-create content relevant to them
  4. To guide learners to be safe online
  5. To challenge learners with technical problem-solving activities and scenarios

8 hrs
Total hours: 48 hrs

Additional guidelines: The MEC course is a 48-hour full online training self-paced course, with 1-hour live session per week, and will run for a total of six (6) weeks.  All MEC takers are required to take the pre-assessment exam. All participants who passed the pre-assessment will be able to directly take the MEC program. The participants are enrolled for 3 months which may be 8 hours weekly to take the lesson, submit the activities and answer the assessment to acquire the certificate of completion. 

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