Moodle Training course outline

Moodle Training for Teachers

Course Description: This 40-hour full online training/ workshop is intended for Educators, Module Developers, LMS Managers, and Administrators to be fully equipped with knowledge and skills to produce and create a course in Moodle. It focuses on the use of key resources and functions inside the LMS and relevant templates and instructions, to deliver dynamic, effective, and stimulating online learning courses for learners

General Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to;

  1. Build a course in Moodle using its key resources and activities. Develop a dynamic and effective course by applying assessment strategies, collaboration and communications, learning workflow, restrict access and conditional activities, adaptive learning, giving rewards through badges, and other important techniques that an educator needs to learn.
  2. Increase participant engagement by developing or creating interactive media content using H5P.
  3. Extend pedagogic understanding of the theories, philosophy, and principles discussed in the Moodle Training for Teachers course.
  4. Reflect on existing instruments for educators’ digital competence and synthesize these into a coherent model that would allow educators at all levels of education to comprehensively assess and develop their pedagogical digital competence through Moodle LMS.
  5. Access powerful reports and analytics in Moodle that will provide educators with important data for their decisions.
  6. Create an instructional design that will fit the requirements of the learners.
  7. Create an assessment or evaluation for learners, and provide ways of viewing reports effectively.

Course Outline

Topics Learning Outcomes  Duration 

Week 1:  

Overview of Moodle

  1. Discuss the LMS, Moodle, and differences between courses, users, and roles.
  2. Clarify the role of the teacher in Moodle.
  3. Create a sandbox course and enroll participants in a course.
  4. Add an activity from the Activity chooser and explore the Moodle text editor.
  5. Create a course plan and instructional design through sketch noting.

5 hrs
Week 2:

Moodle resources and Learning workflow using activity completion and restrict access

  1. Explain the use of Moodle resources such as, book, file, folder, label, page, and URL.
  2. Identify and Enumerate the different types of restrictions such as Activity Completion, Date, Grade, User Profile, and Restriction Sets.
  3. Access restrictions through the application of Activity Completion.
  4. Design your own instructional design in Moodle using the tools learned during the discussion.

5 hrs
Week 3

Assessment tools and Question bank

  1. Create and set up assessments using quiz and assignment activity
  2. Identify and enumerate question types and the text templates for uploading bulk questions.
  3. Manage questions on the question bank, such as organizing questions from categories, importing, exporting, status versioning, assessment type formative, and summative.
  4. Give grade, view, and override the file submission of the student.

5 hrs
Week 4

Collaboration tools and Groups Vs. Groupings

  1. Explain the use of Collaboration tools in Moodle such as database, glossary, and wiki.
  2. Build and design a glossary of key terms using the glossary tool.
  3. Design and collect data from participants using the database activity.
  4. Collaborate with the team or group using the wiki activity.
  5. Create groups and groupings inside the course and assign them to a particular activity.

5 hrs
Week 5

Communication Tools in Moodle and add-on topic on Creating Interactive Design using H5P

  1. Explain the use of communication tools in Moodle such as a forum, chat, messaging, and BBB.
  2. Discuss the H5P and Enumerate the content type features.
  3. Create course presentation
  4. Embed and reuse the H5P content.

5 hrs
Week 6

Survey, Feedback, Choice activity, and Course reports

  1. Discuss the similarities and differences between the Survey, Feedback, and Choice activity.
  2. Manage course reports in Moodle such as Logs, Live logs, Activity reports, Course participation, and Activity completion.

5 hrs
Week 7

Adaptive Learning and Moodle mobile application

  1. Discuss some useful plugins for the Student and Teacher.
  2. Develop an adaptive online learning course through the Lesson activity.
  3. Download Moodle mobile app and access the LMS in the Moodle app
  4. Give examples of the best practices in mobile app-friendly courses.

5 hrs
Week 8

Badges, Certificate, and Managing in Moodle Course
  1. Explain the use of badges and certificates;  such as designing, adding, managing, and giving rewards.
  2. Demonstrate how to backup and restore a course
  3. Course copy from within a course
5 hrs
Total hours: 40 hrs


Additional guidelines; This 40-hour full online training self-paced coursewith 1-hour live session per week and will run for a total of eight (8) weeks. The participants are enrolled for 3 months which may allot 4 to 5 hours weekly to take the lesson, submit the design challenge, answer the assessment, and accomplish other similar activities to acquire the certificate of completion. Each participant shall be provided a course sandbox that serves as their working space to design their own work. After completing this course, you will be able to download your certificate. The skills you acquired from this training will be your ticket if you want to pursue it later on if you choose to undergo training in Moodle Administration (Full Moodle Course) and the Moodle Educators Certification or MEC. 

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